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Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing is a flagship service of ours.


About we doing Digital Marketing for your business

We help businesses to increase there brand awareness online and build great audience. We expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation. We have worked on projects on advanced search engine optimization and achieved what we had aimed for. Advertising on Google and Microsoft Bing has bought in a lot of business to our clients. Sit back and Relax when we do the manage your online presence and advertise your product or business online. We wish to rocket lauch your business online soon, just call us or mail us for more details. We would love to meet you and lets collaborate together for build a great future  

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Touch wood till date we have got very good reputation with good brands and businesses today in India, Singapore, Florida and Australia

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Search Engine Optimization

The seo agency in Bangalore – we Phoenix Branding simply must elevate website rankings in answer to user queries! If the website link appears on the first-page rank, excellent chances exist of being noticed and revenue being generated. How is that ranking done? According to website quality in terms of content and authority, of course. Further, websites that already have many links with other websites come first in order of rankings. Which websites are likely to have so many links? The best ones, in terms of quality content. Search engines are clever enough to identify those websites with lots of links and put them in high ranks.

It is indeed calling a spade when it comes to digital marketing. Plan and execute simple quality content that tallies with the words used in search queries. Search words and the expressions in the website content should match and that is when high rankings are easier. Images and videos play an important part too in search engine optimization, we make it really simple compared to other digital marketing companies in Bangalore

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Search Engine Marketing

PPC, Adwords, SEM, one, perhaps two, or maybe all of them would apply in the process of gaining momentum with online marketing. Depending upon the scale of the business and budgets, advertising campaigns through various multimedia methods would carry the message live across the world at target populations.

Pay Per Click Advertising, Google Adwords and SEM all have their important roles to play. PPC is an important method of advertising that is paid for, but it succeeds in spreading the message and attracting visitors.

A lot of fuss is made nowadays about the power of keywords and it is all justified. Google Adwords makes use of the right keyword concepts to attract visitors and advertisers. Businesses are encouraged to advertise within a set budget. Payments are made when users click on the ads. The service is purely dependent upon the keywords.

In SEM, paid advertisements appear on SERPs or search engine result pages. It is a powerful system of advertising, according to the search terms entered by users. Thus, keywords in the website content need to tally with search terms entered by users. SEM also depends upon those keywords.

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Social Media Marketing

In an age of social media marketing, it is only natural that advertising would effectively reach far and wide over the numerous social media sites. Yet complications may arise with so much to manage.

Would you like to be seen with products and services on social media sites? Of course, since social media can hardly be ignored nowadays. Social media represents the pulse of the country!

We will effectively launch the social media participation and advertising that is crucial nowadays. We are one amongst one of the few Social media companies in Bangalore who will identify potential markets for you.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the online marketing channels. Though emails may appear ineffective and old-fashioned at first glance, they have lots of advantages. Emails can reach large numbers of addresses across the globe at once and are comparatively cheap. Templates allow emails to be prepared quickly in a range of designs that ensure privacy.  

An email marketing plan as a part of digital marketing needs to design and test the message after the strategies and concepts are ready. Deploy and monitor the emails to evaluate effectiveness. Automated email marketing appears to be a splendid dream if it could succeed in generating revenues. Promoting a business requires a friendly approach and many organizations hand out gifts to attract. It may be a newsletter delivered once a week. The registration process is often insisted upon and the genuinely interested would opt for that. Involvement is slowly getting stronger and a relationship is slowly developing.

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It is quite a clever idea that often succeeds in convincing shoppers. The idea of remarketing was born in order to get a second chance to attract customers to buy a product they seemed interested in.
Imagine that a user has visited a furniture site and seemed interested, but did not buy. The same company advertisement could appear elsewhere online as the same person is buying movie tickets.
This time, a discount may be offered for the same or similar products.

We can be your brand consultant and help work out with the strategies.

It might appear like pushing the sale of a brand. Yet a lot of aggressive advertising and selling is encountered everywhere in the industry. Perhaps an ‘advertising war’ is an appropriate expression. Remarketing, on the other hand, is accepted as a rather cost effective and reasonable method of reminding customers to buy. If reminders are needed for small things in daily working and family life, remarketing makes a lot of good sense.

While some may buy on being reminded and others may not, brand awareness is certainly getting a big boost.
While remarketing displays could use text and pictures, cookies are used for the purpose. Tracking the impact of remarketing would be possible through marketing automation.

We insist on including remarketing as a marketing strategy because it often results in the customer deciding to buy. A little extra effort and many new sales may be the result of sustained remarketing as a part of the
digital marketing strategy.

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